• We believe there are limitless insights all around us, sometimes just out of view.

    We help you connect the dots
    with existing data, with the latest academic thought leadership, and through consulting, research, and brand experts who’ve walked in your shoes.

    Connecting the dots

  • We believe marketing insights is undergoing a fundamental disruption as never before.

    We help you navigate through the chaos …
    and it is in our DNA to think differently.

    Think differently

  • We believe the most successful people have the least time to do what made them great.

    We handle the challenges that you would tackle personally …
    if you lived in a universe with 8 days a week.

    Confronting Challenges

Our Work

Marketing Strategy  star   Innovation   star  Reinvention


Clients come to us with the most challenging business issues they would often handle personally if they had the capacity. We bring a group of senior-level marketing, research, and consulting executives, thought leaders, and content experts to serve as your extended team.

For example, we may help a client identify whitespace opportunities in an evolving marketplace, uncover hidden innovation opportunities in a crowded category, or reinvent an aging insights system.

We believe in connecting the dots - across all available data types, among diverse disciplines, and through thought leadership. Steve Jobs said this approach made all the difference in his life. We believe it can make all the difference to our clients.

Marketing Strategy

  • Targeting and positioning
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market entry
  • Market sizing and


  • Whitespace opportunity
  • Concept/product development
  • Insight and business model exploration
  • Sales forecasting


  • Marketing insights systems
  • Meta analyses
  • Applied behavioral economics and other disruptive approaches
  • Integrating data sources
    (insights, big data, sales, social)

Marketing Strategy

  • Targeting and positioning
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market entry
  • Market sizing and prioritization

We help clients with strategic issues that they may not have the information or resources to address. These typically involve synthesizing a wide array of information, including meta analysis of internal research and data, review of secondary research, interviews with academic thought leaders and industry experts, and potentially additional market research.



A major professional services firm wanted to understand the evolving competitive landscape in order to achieve their double-digit growth goals.


We took a multi-faceted approach to understanding the landscape including:
  • Synthesizing a broad array of research conducted independently by separate practice groups
  • Running debriefs and strategy sessions with key Partners
  • Conducting in-depth interviews with CXOs and other key client-side decision makers


 The client is now one of the most successful firms in its industry. We helped them achieve this by:
  • Identifying the competitive landscape and profiling their undifferentiated place within it
  • Determining key levers ownable and achievable by the firm
  • Scoring potential across a range of strategies, and building consensus among the partnership for action


  • Whitespace opportunity
  • Concept/product development
  • Insights and business model exploration
  • Sales forecasting

We have deep expertise in insights, having worked on some of the most successful and innovative launches across a wide range of industries, and have often helped clients with their most challenging innovation projects. We help our clients throughout the development cycle from identifying white space to forecasting sales, with an eye toward market disruptors.



A client in a rapidly-growing consumer durable category expected forceful competitive entry and needed to protect its position. This included launching a low-end flanker and revising messaging and pricing of the broader portfolio.


We synthesized existing client learnings and supplemented with customer understanding and modelling:
  • Performed a meta-analysis of internal and external category, competitor, and product elements
  • Interviewed customers to identify and refine benefits
  • Created a simulation of the category


We helped our client reposition their portfolio to grow in the face of the competitive threat
  • Identified a brand messaging architecture reinforcing value cues across the high/medium/low line
  • Positioned low-end product to protect against expected entrants while minimizing cannibalization
  • Reset portfolio price points balancing competitive threat, positioning, and revenue


  • Market insights system
  • Meta analysis
  • Applied behavioral economics and other disruptive approaches
  • Integrating data sources (insights, big data, sales, social)

We live in a time of accelerating technological evolution and changing behavioral understanding. Often times, companies struggle to adapt to this ever-changing landscape. We help our clients evolve by applying a future-facing perspective to their business problems.



A client in a highly emotion-driven consumer packaged good category needed to present accurate sales estimates to the financial markets and trade partners after a series of “misses” threatened credibility.


We helped the client by
  • Synthesizing client, syndicated, media, and market research to provide holistic view of prior innovations
  • Revising the forecasting approach by applying academic theory to the synthesized data
  • Altering the product positioning of a key launch by removing overlap with an existing competitor


We helped our client with one of the most successful launches in their category, and presented an estimate within 10% that built credibility in the marketplace.

About Us

We offer a community of executive-level consultants, leading academics, and subject matter experts.


John Schroeder, Principal

John Schroeder, Principal

John is a Northwestern and Kellogg honors graduate in marketing, strategy, and finance. As a consultant, he’s helped shape one of the world’s most successful FMCG launches, the most successful new beer of the millennium, the first hybrid sporty car, and the Java computing language.

As a thought leader, he works closely with leading academics, pioneers of behavioral economics, social analytics, implicit measurement, and others, and regularly guest lectures at the Kellogg School of Management in New Products and Marketing Research.

As an entrepreneur, he founded and grew a professional service line into the global leader in two years, led consulting practice areas in retail, durables, automotive, and FMCG, and worked with leading companies in B2B, tech, and professional services.

Nova Foresight is a community of executive-level consultants, leading academics, and subject matter experts across a wide spectrum of disciplines:

  • VP and Director-level consultants, marketers, and researchers
  • Leading academic faculty
  • Subject-matter experts:
    • Analytics
    • Behavioral economics
    • Branding
    • Creative & execution
    • Database marketing
    • Forecasting
    • Marketing strategy
    • Marketing mix modeling
    • Qualitative
    • Research execution
    • Shopper marketing
    • Social analytics

In each engagement, Nova Foresight will assemble a team that provides the skills tailored to meet your unique business challenges.

Each project is distinctive and may include a broad range of collaborators, including the following professionals:

Jill Orum

Jill is a former Partner at Prophet, Senior Director of Insights at PepsiCo, and Director of Consumer Insights and Strategy at Kraft, with expertise in portfolio management, brand positioning and strategy, innovation platform development, new product launches, and marketing investment allocation.  Jill holds a BBA from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

Alain Recaborde

Alain is a strategic consultant and has managed hundreds of engagements for Fortune 1000 companies in technology, financial services, industrial products, and consumer goods, with expertise in innovation, new products and branding. Alain holds an MBA from the University of South Alabama and a BA from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Pau, France.

Eleni Shipp

Eleni is a former Marketing Director at P&G and Partner at the Tradewind Group, with a sweet spot on strategic market analysis and customer marketing.  Recent and current projects include transforming a $10 Billion company to a customer business development and marketing organization, leading the 5 year innovation pipeline for a food brand and analyzing over 200 categories and companies for a private equity firm.  Eleni holds a BBA from the University of Michigan.

Scott Walker

Scott is a former Marketing Director at Newell Rubbermaid and Executive at Nielsen, with expertise in driving sales and profits by creating synergizes across disciplines, including: social analytics, database mining, predicative modeling, primary, syndicated and attitudinal information and others. Scott has an MBA & post graduate work in econometrics & finance at Temple University, and was recognized as a Simon Guggenheim Scholar, University Fellow and Phi Beta Kappa.

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