What people are saying about our work

“John is one of the  
world's foremost marketing researchers and analysts
with rare ability to locate, analyze, and hone where the intersection of innovative conceptual ideas and their commercial value and application meet.

- COO, Franchise Organization 

“I work with John to help solve and answer 
difficult marketing challenges/questions.
He’s smart, a good thinker, and enjoyable to work with.

- CMO, Beverage industry

“John brought an amazing wealth of experience to every project and was able to contextualize results in a way that made them easy to understand and immediately actionable. Has a great rapport with brand-side leadership and always brings his A game to every project.  
Great partner to work with.

- Director Insights, Food Industry

“John has a powerfully analytical mind. He understands marketing very well and he can uncover the links between his experience and an organization's current situation.
This creates strong insights and effective ideas.

- Partner, Management Consulting Industry

“John did amazing work and was insightful, objective, and strategic.
I would recommend John on any project that requires strong business acumen.

- Senior Director Research, Food Industry

“John was very responsive to our needs, especially in considering
new ways to solve unique challenges we had.

- VP Analytics, Consumer Durable Industry

“John was able to explain something complex in a way that was easy for anyone to understand. He was also able to simply the results in a way that was actionable.

- Manager of Insights, Automotive Industry

“John took the time to really understand our business issues and work collaboratively. He was always super-responsive, flexible, creative, and calm in a crisis. His guidance to us on implications were
insightful, clear and actionable.

- VP Insights, Beverages Industry

“John was always professional, cared about helping me solve my business issue, was creative in the solutions he and his team developed, anticipated issues before they arose and always delivered an actionable report/presentation.

- VP Insights, Food industry

“John was a pleasure to work with. He partners very well with a great range of people and generates relevant insights that are actionable.

- CEO, Consumer Durable Industry

John has a positive "can do" attitude and that makes him easy and pleasurable to work with.

- CEO, Social Media Firm

“Very insightful, strategic business partner.

- Manager insights, Beverage Industry

“He's a problem solver who can break down a big question into small component parts while still keeping an eye on the big picture. His ability to organize a story using a hypothesis driven approach makes him an asset to anyone he works with. Ambiguity is where he thrives.

- Senior Manager Insights, Retail Industry

“John strives to understand the big picture so he is able to structure and tailor projects to meet the immediate as well as the over arching needs

- Director Insights, Beverage Industry

“Doesn't cut corners....always seeks to fully understand the problem and recommend a thoughtful solution. Willing to put the effort in to
exceed expectations.

- VP Insights, Beverage Industry

“Very sophisticated research capabilities. Also very responsive and helpful.

- Senior Manager Insights, Manufacturing Industry

“John is professional, responsive and smart. I highly recommend John for any market research project.

- SVP, Professional Service Industry

“John is clearly a very strategic thinker. He balances his strategic approach with solid tactical execution. He's thoughtful and pragmatic, and doesn't compromise on quality. And he's easy to work with - friendly and easy going, while still credible and professional.

- Manager of Insights, Manufacturing Industry

“His strategic thinking and business savvy allow for impactful findings.

- VP, Insights, Personal Care Industry

Great intellect, practical approach, ability to work effectively with a wide range of people.

- CEO, Professional Service Industry

“Very solid methodology, and very good (visual) report presentation.

- CMO, Management Consulting Industry

“Very quick thinker. Able to relate to senior executives very well.

- CEO, Professional Service Industry

“John is a very smart, creative, committed professional who consistently delivers high-quality analyses and insights.

- CEO, Professional Service Industry

“Ability to understand business problem and translate into the optimum research plan.

- VP Insights, Personal Care Industry

“John is very through and asks challenging and thought provoking questions that matter.

- VP Commercial, Beverage Industry

“John has breadth of experience that allows him to bring helpful perspective to new business questions.

- Head of Insights, Food Industry


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